Vintage Pair of Resto-Mod Schwinn Varsity E-Bike Bicycles

Resto-Mod, Vintage, Locally Owned


Please let Tommy and Pete take you on a walk around and test ride below!

We have a vintage pair of resto-modded Schwinn Varsity bicycles built by Northtowne Cycling. All original patina paint right down to the Cedar Rapids licenses from the 1970s. Both of these bikes were resto-modded five years ago with all new mechanical parts including wheels, tires, 9-speed gear set, crank, etc. as well as a 500 watt electric motor you can use in all nine gears. These will go 10 mph uphill while not even pedaling, and 15-20 mph easily while pedaling, all the while without anyone being able to tell you’re on an e-bike. These batteries have plenty of range to power your next adventure. We have these priced at $1,000 for the pair or $600 a piece, which is a fraction of the cost it would cost to build just one of these today.