1955 Mercedes 220S Ponton – How to Drive a Four-on-the-Tree Manual Transmission

Most people are familiar with a three-on-the-tree, but maybe have not had as much or no exposure on how to drive a four-on-the-tree.  This beautiful 1955 Mercedes 220S has just that!  Let Pete take you on a test drive.  (Now he is rather bummed he forgot to cover reverse, but it does work and it is toward you and up.  It is very similar to a modern Mercedes manual transmission where it has a safety detent to help prevent you from finding reverse when you meant to find first.)

This 220S will soon be for sale.  It was locally owned for most, if not all of its life.  We found a few receipts in the trunk back to the 60s when it was serviced at Allen’s Imports here in Cedar Rapids.  The car has had a repaint done at some point in its life.  We would say the exterior is an older restoration, but was done well and has held up beautifully.  The interior was refinished by the previous owners after they acquired the car, I believe in the 80’s.  High end materials were used on the seats and the REAL wood dash and trim was refinished.  We should have it buttoned up and ready for sale soon.  We will do another video at that time.  Taking it out on the road after many years of being garaged was an exciting experience we wanted to share.  Thanks for watching and stayed tuned!

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